Latin Connection Dance started in 2014 in Oakland, California out of a need in the Latin dance community for a structured dance program.

Although there are some great teachers in the Bay Area who had created respectable social dance programs, suddenly many dancers, DJs, promoters and musicians had turned into dance teachers overnight, due to the rise in popularity of the dances on social media.
Many new students wanted to learn from YouTube videos or just take a random class and claim fame – a phenomenon which led to very poor leaders and followers entering the social dance and club scene.

Latin Connection Dance decided to teach students how to dance with logical progression and implement a program that prepares students methodically for more difficult levels. Latin Connection Dance is based on connection, the main ingredient to any partner dances. This aspect can be elusive to most, but is the key to enjoying the freedom and excitement of “a great dance”. In addition, Latin Connection Dance strives to improve students understanding of music and how to find the beat, whether it is Latin, Swing, Ballroom, pop or any other genre.

Starting anything new is difficult, but Latin Connection Dance has created thousands of dancers who have learned to confidently social dance for fun and exercise, for enjoyment of the music and of course for the love of the special movement only Latin dancing provides. Latin Connection Dance will lead you on a new path towards your dance goals, filled with social fun, purposeful dance instruction and connection on many levels.

Join our new classes in Roseburg, Oregon as we set the stage for an exciting dance journey!